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We Educate

We Educate

UK prison population is MALE 80,509 | FEMALE 3,965 | OVERALL 84,474 | Source Feb 2018 -

We relate

We relate

Through first hand experience we relate to the issues faced by people with convictions, at risk young people and communities.

We Inspire

We Inspire

We help service users turn negative situations into positive outcomes.

About Reformed

Reformed Development CIC are a non for Profit organisation. We specialise in the aftermath of crime and the restricting factors associated with having a criminal record. Through first hand experience we deliver a range of preventative intervention schemes to actively deter young people away from engaging in criminal activities.








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Dr Gill Buck | Programme lead for BA Social Work | University of Chester

The Reformed team are passionate and effective advocates of personal growth and anti-oppressive practices. Their community practices are rooted in a strengths based, empowering approach which is committed to highlighting the resilience and suppressed potential of people with convictions. Built upon critical reflections of their own first-hand experiences Kemi and Tasha work to inspire personal and social change. They are skilled communicators who can engage with people from a range of backgrounds to highlight the excluding realities of a life after crime. Their lectures engage students on a personal, political and critical level.

Mr Adrian Whiteley

| Head Teacher |  The Mosslands School

The intervention they have received form the key workers from Re-formed has had an immediate impact on re-engaging them in the education process. This support extends well beyond the confines of the school day and includes the wider family and social groups of those involved.  One of the main reasons for their success is the fact that they are not school staff or representatives from the local authorities, this enables students who are resistant to liaising with formal support structures, to access support.

Melanie Waddington | Partnership Co-ordinator in Custody | C & K Careers

Natasha and Kemi talked to the audience, of approx 30 residents, about their experience of the criminal justice system and their life after custody.


Both ladies were very positive and realistic, they explained how, after a period of time, they did take responsibility of their actions/crimes and how, with positive thinking and actions, people can move forward with their lives. 


After facing many challenges and doubting their own ability, they have successfully built up their own business and go into many establishments raising awareness and inspiring others to make positive changes in their lives.

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Reformed are an award winning Community Interest Company

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