I write this in support of the work done by the Re-formed organisation within my school over the past 12 months.  I would highly recommend them as an organisation with the capacity to make a real difference to the lives of some of the most challenging and difficult to reach students.


The Mosslands School has been lucky enough to have had intervention from a number of representatives from Re-formed which has included small group and one to one sessions with very vulnerable, high risk pupils in both key stage three and mainly in key stage four.  These pupils are identified as being at risk on a number of fronts including drug related activities and crime.  Frequently these pupils were known to the police and social services but some had not made the threshold for any preventative or restorative intervention from any formal agencies.


The intervention they have received form the key workers from Re-formed has had an immediate impact on re-engaging them in the education process and some of the pupils have come to rely heavily on the support that they offer. This support extends well beyond the confines of the school day and includes the wider family and social groups of those involved.  As these pupils do not meet the threshold for any additional funding, Re-formed have played a pivotal role in providing much needed support.  One of the main reasons for their success is the fact that they are not school staff or representatives from the local authorities, this enables students who are resistant to liaising with formal support structures, to access support.


Sadly, school is unable to fund this intervention independently.  School budgets have been severely restricted and this tightening is set to continue.  We are only able to provide limited additional support to funded pupils and pupils who will engage through the more traditional channels such as counselling, CAMHS, YOT etc.  


I can vouch for both the quality of the support that Re-formed provides and the impact that they have made to the students with whom they have worked and have no hesitation in recommending their services unconditionally.


Mr Adrian Whiteley | Headteacher |

Mosslands School | Wirral

Working with Reformed was great. They delivered an engaging workshop that explored the stereotypes about crime and the people who commit crimes. The workshop formed part of a larger event we were running that looked at gangs and crime. Reformed took the time to talk to us about our needs and expectations of the workshop and designed activities that met them. The team were professional, flexible and knowledgeable about their area and we look forward to working with them again on future projects.


Liat Currie

Director Things/Toxteth TV

Guest speakers at Askham Grange on 24th January 2017  - event sponsored through the inspirational agenda from National Careers Service.


Re-Formed are a non for profit organisation specialising in the aftermath of crime and the limiting and restricting factors associated with having a criminal record. 


Natasha and Kemi talked to the audience, of approx 30 residents, about their experience of the criminal justice system and their life after custody.


Both ladies were very positive and realistic, they explained how, after a period of time, they did take responsibility of their actions/crimes and how, with positive thinking and actions, people can move forward with their lives. 


After facing many challenges and doubting their own ability, they have successfully built up their own business and go into many establishments raising awareness and inspiring others to make positive changes in their lives.


After their talk, time allowed for questions from the residents to be answered.


Feedback from the residents: 


  • All found them interesting scoring a maximum of 10 on each feedback sheet

  • All said they could relate to their story

  • Most agree that their questions were answered 

  1. one resident was disappointed her question was not answered, this was due to time restrictions

  • All said others would benefit from hearing their story

  • All said they found the speakers useful


Residents were asked to comment on how the event could have been improved.  Below is a snap shot of the comments received:


“It couldn’t’ – was brilliant”

“The girls done a brill job and I wouldn’t change anything – well done”

“Nothing could improve this talk, these girls are amazing , they are living proof that things are achievable”

“Any event can be improved, having said that, I think you tow ladies are fantastic.  I warmed to you both instantly. A massive Well done ladies xx “

“This event was amazing, I think that this should be wider spread”

“More time! These are exceptionally inspirational ladies whose experience have enabled them to come and talk to us today.  To hear people who have ‘been there and done that’ and understand the obstacles we will face is invaluable.  Thank you”


HMP Askham Grange Motivational speech

Melanie Waddington on behalf of C&K Careers

The Reformed team are passionate and effective advocates of personal growth and anti-oppressive practices. Their community practices are rooted in a strengths based, empowering approach which is committed to highlighting the resilience and suppressed potential of people with convictions. Built upon critical reflections of their own first-hand experiences Kemi and Tasha work to inspire personal and social change. They are skilled communicators who can engage with people from a range of backgrounds to highlight the excluding realities of a life after crime. Their lectures engage students on a personal, political and critical level.


Dr Gill Buck | Programme lead for BA Social Work |

University of Chester

The workshop yesterday was interesting, it made me realize and think about things that I usually wouldn't or would overlook. Tasha and Kemi seemed really nice and seemed to know what they were on about, liked the group work we did.


Rkeah Jones

I became aware of what could happen in life when you make the wrong decisions and how serious it could be. Also I learnt not to judge a book by its cover because you never know what other people have done or experienced.


Liverpool, UK

The workshop yesterday was funny man! We should have one more often. i enjoyed it. Tell them to do a next one man. The atmosphere and everyone seemed to get along with everyone else. It was ethical and enjoyable.

Latoya Resiner

Manchester, UK

The workshop was good and served a purpose. It made me aware that not everyone thinks the same way I do.

I liked the whole entire thing, it was a good environment to do the workshop in. There was nothing i disliked however I just think next time there should be a larger group as I think a lot of people would benefit from this.

Sacha Clarke

Manchester, UK

The workshop was good and enjoyable. Tasha and Kemi made it a fun thing to be a part of. I liked the atmosphere, everyone seemed to get along and was pleasant and polite. I disliked nothing but I think it could have been delivered to a larger group of people.

Sarah Shaw

Wirral, UK

The workshop was good and it served a purpose, it taught me new things. It was completed in a nice environment and Tasha and Kemi were just too much jokes. They seemed like the wanted to be there and cared about what we said unlike most adults you meet and talk too.


The programme delivered by ‘Reformed’ to a group of female students (Aged 14-16)- who experience high levels of Social, emotional + behavioral Issues- was exceptionally powerful in its delivery-enabling the students to explore the consequences of behaviour choices in a new + challenging/supportive environment. Kemi + Tasha Ryan bring a refreshing honesty to the group dynamics. Their high level of professionalism + integrity is apparent in the empathy and understanding shown to the students. They show a realistic appreciation of Safeguarding boundaries- working with the staff to maintain a safe environment for this group of vulnerable students.The staff at the Helena Project would welcome any further opportunities to engage in future work with ‘Reformed’ - A BRILLIANT SERVICE- FANTASTIC WORKERS

Jean - Helena Project - 

c/o Clifford Holroyde Specialist SEN College

"I have learnt that when your young and vulnerable you can get taken advantage of". Also how often I see this in my community and my area, becoming aware of how easy kids get led astray and used by people. I most enjoyed most Kemi and Tashas story how the turned it into good and made it as a way of guiding kids in the right direction and helping them make the right decision.


Manchester, U.K

The workshop yesterday was excellent, I liked it and it was really helpful. They should do more of theses more often. Kemi and Tasha seemed "real, relatable, nice and acted like they genuinely wanted to be there and cared for our input. I think this type of work needs rolling out on a much larger scale.

Saschelle Dawkins

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