Workshops developed and delivered by the Reformed Team.



The crime and consequences workshop is a workshop designed to give young people an understanding of crime and its consequences.


For many young people involved or at risk of getting involved in crime, there is little idea and little realisation of the affect crime can have, not only on themselves but people around them. This workshop gives young people the reality and the facts of negative criminal behavior and how wrong choices can potentially stem the path of life they lead.




The aftermath of crime workshop is a workshop designed to educate young people about the true aftermath of crime.


Drawing from first hand experience and knowledge of the criminal justice system we cover topics relating to:

  • The barriers faced once released from prison

  • Convictions

  • Discrimination

  • Disadvantages

  • The effects of crime on the victims and their families and how crime inevitably leads to limited opportunities




The “Guess Who stereotype” workshop has been designed to help young people identify the typical stereotypes facing different groups and racial minorities and to create a more influential and identifiable awareness of how stereotyping is a major problem within our society.


The aim of the workshop is to educate people on the adverse affects of stereotyping, create a more social awareness of stereotyping and to discourage the continued use of the pre-conceived assumptions.




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