Reformed provide outreach services to people with convictions and build up their self esteem and confidence, inspire them to gain a better lifestyle for themselves, their families and look into work opportunities which are of interest to them, the community and also the wider society. For people with convictions, it can often be a real struggle to engage or make that successful transition back into society and a lot of the time people give up. We will be inspiring others to make the positive changes in their lives in order to become productive members of society.


Reformed have designed preventative workshops aimed at young people to make them aware of the REAL aftermath of crime, in order to encourage positive behavior and change. These workshops will cover topics such as Stereotyping, Crime & Consequence, Anti Social behaviour and the Aftermath of crime to give participants an insight into the real limitations of people with convictions and help them realise that there is more to crime than prison including the negative affects on family and communities.


In order to help break down barriers to employment for people with convictions we offer training to employers to highlight the issues that individuals face when attempting to gain employment and help change some of the preconceived negative perceptions faced by ex-offenders. This training will give employers awareness of the aftermath of crime with education on topics relating to/and including discrimination, exploitation, self confidence and vulnerability.


Reformed deliver motivational talks to young people, adults, academics & community groups in order to break down much needed barriers, spread awareness and inspire positive change.