Young Voices

I don’t really know how to start this, it’s really hard because there is so much I want to say and the word is a lot more than Thank you. Reformed has helped me through a lot of difficulty in my life. I have suffered with mental health problems for a long time to the point where I have tried to commit suicide and before I met them it was hard to handle my problems. Reformed are not like any other organisation they treat me like a little sister not a stranger they make me feel so comfortable, I can to talk to them about anything, They are always there for me and they will not just tell me what to do and send me away, they will pick me up and take me to my appointments, they will call me to make sure I have eaten, that I’m ok. They have helped me find a new place to live and helped me move in and sorted all my bills out. You just don’t get this anywhere else. They have given me the confidence and now I feel free to talk, I can deal with people more positively, I don’t bottle things up any more and I am able to express my-self. I know I can always rely on them when things get me down and They will always find a way to help me and for this I will always be grateful to them ,they have given me back my independence and I am now in college studying to be an air-hostess and I love it I will never forget Reformed, They are a part of my life now and always. I appreciate everything they have done for me and continue to do Thank you Reformed xx

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