Bellerive FCJ Work Experience -Our Experience....

On the first day we got introduced to the work place and what it's about. We also created a survey for people who often come into Reformed Development. Also we got introduced to the staff, and they were nice, kind and very welcoming as we were new to the environment.

On the second day we went to town with one of the Reformed staff and we bought supplies for the project we were told about the day before, we bought a scrap book, coloured pens and craft paper. When we came back we started the project and carried on with it throughout the day.

On Wednesday we also went out around the area of toxteth (also with one of the staff) to take pictures of the different estates so we could use them in the project, and then we completed two more pages.

On Thursday we went shopping with Kemi and Tasha for the youth drop in that was happening later that day. We stayed for the drop in and enjoyed it as it was also a new environment and it was a time to interact and meet new people.

On Friday we met a woman who works with reformed and she talked about the riots and it taught us a lot about it. This was very beneficial and helpful as our project was on the Toxteth riots.

Overall so far our time here has been great and we have enjoyed every minute of it. We have learnt a lot of new skills that could potentailly help us in the future, as we have learnt how to speak to different people, make friends and join in with a lot of team work.

Written by: Laetia Ogungboro & Millie Mayers (Bellerive FCJ)

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