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Building Bridges Project.

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As part of our Building Bridges project we took a group of our young people to Minsteracres retreat and this was a fantastic opportunity for our young people to be taken out of the box and able to explore new things such as team work, leadership skills, confidence building and most importantly gaining new perspectives for there future. The children were full of enthusiasm and demonstrated this when they all worked together to build a fire gathering logs and sticks and kept the fire going so we could cook marshmallows and hot chocolate, it was inspiring to see the young people thrive in this environment and being open to new situations. Our midnight walk was a fun way to face there fears and let there vulnerability show, holding on to staff members who were equally afraid was a funny, enjoyable experience. The whole experience of this wonderful environment was enabling the young people to be exactly that, young!

As part of our project we did a stereotype workshop to allow them to explore the personal perceptions that our society may have on them and vice versa this was a huge eye opener and raised a lot of curiosity in the group which created a lot of discussions and was a great form of empowerment for the young people, even using the phrase “it's just your personal perception” This project has been supported by key leaders in the city and is just at the beginning. The project will bridge gaps, break down perceptions and create productive future leaders in our community.

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