• Natasha Ryan


We are now 4months into our ADHD and Autism event and we have so far reached out to over 80 individuals who have greatly benefited from the awareness surrounding the topic. Feedback has shown us so far that our event has directly educated parents and carers to seek further support regarding their situation and has helped others apply coping mechanisms to their routine which they are seeing direct results from. I believe it is so important for such awareness to be available and accessible in order for the right support to be put into place from as early as possible. The case studies featured in our event make up an important part as others can see the positive achievements of those living with ADHD or Autism as well as the everyday life and struggles. Here at Reformed we ensure all those involved in any of our activities, projects or events have an awareness and understanding in order to better understand and support others. We have great examples of young people and adults doing great things including overcoming the stigma and discrimination surrounding such conditions and breaking down stereotypes that have been attached by society. We believe the key to the right support is understanding and only then can we begin to support accordingly.

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