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Positive Changes

My name is Rebecca Rowbotham and I am the Learning and Behavioural Mentor for Reformed, I am based at The Mosslands School in the Wirral. My job is to help children and young people become survivors of difficult situations. My work consists of intense mentoring, family support and multi-agency work.

The children and young people I have came into contact with whilst doing my job have inspired me to ensure that I bring individualised, tailored support into main stream secondary schools to ensure ALL students are able to access education in the best way for them. The young people that are referred to me all have their own personal challenges however have show how with interventions and support they can blossom and enhance their lives positively.

My own personal experiences of family life and lack of support in school created a bad mix for me to be misunderstood. My aim is to ensure that every child's positives shine bright. The Young People I work with sustain main stream placements and leave school with qualifications, however more importantly the children and young people leave school with a set of skills to ensure they can cope within their personal situations and always have a place to come to that they feel safe, supported and secure.

I am also involved in the current Autism and ADHD workshop through this workshop I support parents, careers and families to understand what Autism and ADHD is and how they can support family member or the wider community in accessing support. I additionally inform families what they are entitled to and what schools should be putting in place for students with Autism and ADHD. No matter what aspect of my Job I am doing I follow the moral to break down barriers and ensure that all my service users shine in every way they can.

No matter what aspect of my Job i am doing i follow the moral to break down barriers and ensure that all my service users shine in every way they can.

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