• Natasha Ryan


Busy busy times for us right now in the Reformed HQ, and amongst all this wonderful positiveness we have had the pleasure of spending the day at HMP New Hall talking to some of the residents and inspiring positive change. It was a powerful and somewhat emotional day filled with honesty, reality and factual information to which I can totally relate too. It also highlighted a lot of the real life issues surrounding the Aftermath of crime that can prevent a positive transition from being achieved, hitting home the true reality and its affects on many individuals trying to make a positive change.

On the day, I spoke to women who displayed that same passion and drive for change as I had once had as I recall listening to a previous resident of HMP Holloway who was invited after her release. I seem to remember my thoughts on that very day and how I was filled with hope just to see that positive transition in front of my very own eyes. Despite my sentencing fate being lengthy and uncertain I knew even from that point I wanted nothing more than to put all that behind me at the first possible opportunity.

Upon reflection, It was a really touching day that reminded me just how far I had come from my release and just how difficult it is for many individuals going forward to move on. It would be a great thing for others to understand the REAL issues surrounding the Aftermath of crime and just how difficult that positive transition can be for those wanting to turn a negative into a positive and maybe spare a thought for those individuals trying desperately but are subjected to constant judgement and discrimination due to their criminal record.

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