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Askham Grange residents meet Reformed ladies with convictions

Residents based at Askham Grange prison, recently had the experience of hearing from two ladies who themselves had to face the hard task of returning to ‘normal life’ following time served in prison.

Natasha and Kemi Ryan had both been through the criminal justice system, having served time in three prisons. Once released, they thought that their ‘normal’ life would resume, but this was far from how their experience unfolded.

They found that the aftermath of crime was, at times, tougher than the actual sentence itself. Often faced discrimination, they decided to take control and turn their tainted past into a positive future.

Natasha and Kemi formed their own successful business, Reformed, which supports others in a similar situation to make positive changes to their lives.

A key role of Reformed is to encourage and empower people with convictions to move forward in life and deter further re-offending, whilst building up confidence in themselves.

Natasha and Kemi are passionate about what they do, believing people should be guided in the right direction and made aware of the consequences of negative actions and influences.

The Reformed ladies always share their story in an honest and open manner so that the residents can relate to it. They also offer a question and answer session, as well as further support that residents can draw on if they feel they need to.

Feedback from Askham Grange was extremely positive and below are just some of the comments:

“It couldn’t’ – was brilliant”

“The girls done a brill job and I wouldn’t change anything – well done”

“Nothing could improve this talk, these girls are amazing , they are living proof that things are achievable”

“Any event can be improved, having said that, I think you tow ladies are fantastic. I warmed to you both instantly. A massive Well done ladies xx “

“This event was amazing, I think that this should be wider spread”

“More time! These are exceptionally inspirational ladies whose experience have enabled them to come and talk to us today. To hear people who have ‘been there and done that’ and understand the obstacles we will face is invaluable. Thank you”

If you would like Natasha and Kemi to visit your organisation or establishment, or want more information about Reformed, visit http://www.reformed16.com

For more information about the services Careers Yorkshire and the Humber can offer within prisons and for ex-offenders, visit our ‘Meet the Team’ page and find our nearest Partnership Co-ordinator In Custody.

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