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HMP Askham Grange Motivational Talk

Reformed had the opportunity to deliver a motivational talk to some of the women at Askham Grange last night, which happened to be the first prison establishment we have stepped foot into under our Reformed banner, (a big achievement to say the least). As a result of a positive and successful session we have now been asked to deliver in another Prison establishment which we are really looking forward to. It was quite ironic really as Askham Grange was one of our preferred prisons in a former life, and although we never resided there on our prison journey it remained a mystery and a topic of conversation amongst many of my fellow roomies so it was great to finally see what it looked like and even better under my current circumstances. Reformed are really excited about this particular part of our work and we are very passionate about highlighting issues relating in order to bring about a bigger change. A big thank you to the women at Askham Grange who took the time (literally) to come along and speak openly and honestly about their experiences and thank you for such a warm, friendly and candid environment.

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