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Sisters with Voices

It so unreal to be living in the shoes of a Black Female (misunderstood), ex offender, yea that’s me

Given a label for all to see

Holding on to the last bit of hope, after being put away for a vast amount of dope

Soul killing, sleep deprivation, my minds in despair always asking how did I get here

As the blood of my ancestors pumps through my veins, who were also neglected whilst bound up and chained

Picking myself up, my Journey begins; I’ve nothing to lose nothing to gain

So I’ll dedicate all my strength and time to my one true aim

For the powers that be they know who they are, give us real opportunities not a system that’s flawed

Where were set up to fail, and they wonder why we ended up in jail

So I ask where is the Real help for Young Female Ex offenders

Look around where is the Voice, where is she

Exactly, lost in the system, just like me

Written by Kemi Ryan and edited by Cherise Weaver

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