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The Tears of the Aftermath of Crime

I'm in a illusion I'm in a dream wake me up,

Pinch me, pour water on me, even open the curtains and pull back the covers

Make me know this is not real-

Friday 13th April 2007 this is where my real sentence begun.

I feel excited, I feel anxious, I feel joyous, I feel overwhelmed but most of all I feel scared

The first tear drops, the tear of joy, which quickly turns into the tears of sorrow, which quickly turns into the tears of reality, which in turn creates mental health, worthlessness and no existence.

But tears are just like the ocean, salty, deep and tell a story that one can only tell...

As life continues to crash against us like the waves of the sea we continue to hold on to our life jackets with no thought of not surviving but surviving.

And as we ride the storm we await the calm, still battling the thunder while the seagulls continue to prey.

But In the distance among the crashes of the sea, we see a light, so bright, is this the light of HOPE? or is it a illusion of my mind playing games tormenting me to think its come to an end while the storm is still brewing undercover.

No this is REAL.... The light in the distance has lead us to the sea of hope where the sun shines bright and the waves disappear.

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