• Tasha Perkins

Self Respect

Ive been brought up in the bronx of life, The hood I was dealt was S**t. Society wanted respectful women and somehow I didnt fit. I`d lock away my problems as if they didn’t exist, I always thought the answer was drugs and getting pi**ed.

I grew to hate the real world and all the people in it, life to me was just a game and I was out to win it. Prison didnt bother me its full of all my so called friends, I wasnt going to change my ways, nor would I make amends, But at this time things are different at last my eyes can see, only cowards lay the blame, the problem has been me, yes i`ve had some problems and a very rocky past. But i`m sure i`m not the first one and I will not be the last.

People have helped me in my ability they believe, it`s surprising with a little help just what you can achieve. You`ve helped me more than you`ll ever know and for this I must say thanks, you`ve given me someting i`ve never had and my life it will affect, it`s more valuable than solid gold you`ve given me SELF RESPECT…..

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