The Transition Back To Reality

It's so unreal to be living in the shoes of a female ex offender in the 21st century. Trying to hold on to the last bit of hope to make it back to being a citizen; soul killing, deprivation, sleep deprivation, rejection, mind overturning in despair, overthinking, even rejecting the blessing of life, giving life, lost in the system with a cloth of hope with my spirit hanging on to it with the blood given to me off my ancestors pumping through my veins. I pick myself up and my journey begins with nothing to loose and more to gain I have dedicated my strength and time to fulfil my aim. My aim is for the government to realise that change is possible with the help of real opportunities, not flawed opportunities that set people up to fall not only in their ability but also in themselves. Where is the real help for female ex offenders look around were is her voice, were is she, what's her name, exactly lost in the system.

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